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We offer excellent Consulting Services that are targeted largely at maximizing productivity, shaping positive cultures and promoting harmony within Organizations and Institutions.

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About Us

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

CITC Global Consulting Limited is a foremost Financial and Organizational Development Consultants with associate companies dedicated and committed to Human Capital Development, Organizational Development, and Corporate Promotions. Our Consulting activities are targetted largely at maximizing productivity, shaping positive cultures and promoting harmony within Organizations and Institutions.

Awarded the 2012 International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology in the Gold category, we are dedicated to providing result-based solutions in the best way possible and utilize the QC 100 Total Quality Management model in collaborating with clients to help them become profit oriented and global best practice businesses.
CITC is an associate member of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO), a diversified Global network of human resource management and development organizations representing more than 500,000 professionals in 50 countries and founded in Geneva, Switzerland.

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What Do We Aim To Achieve?

Our Vision

"To be a first-class globally respected developmental services partner."

Our Mission

"To deliver superior developmental services that assure the success of our clients through vision driven professionals with a passion for excellence."

Our Core Values
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Competence
  • Proactiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity
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Industries & Sectors We Consult For

At CITC Global Consulting Limited, we have been privileged to consult for a good number of top-level organizations & institutions across the different industries & sectors outlined below.

CITC Global Consulting Limited has over the years partnered with some notable banks and insurance companies among other financial institutions in the area of capacity building. We have organized with finesse, Strategy Retreats for the said banks and insurance companies with focus on how they would maintain the winning edge and be market leaders in their industry.

We have also organized training programmes on Developing and Building Leadership Skills for some companies in the financial sector of our economy. The trainings have helped to sharpen their leadership skills and developed them for managerial responsibilities.

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Our Consultancy has partnered with various governmental institutions in Nigeria in the area of capacity building and other developmental programmes. We have coordinated Conferences, Summits, Symposia etc for various government parastatals both at the federal and state levels. These Programmes were not only successful but also very impactful as attested to by the participants over the years.

Similarly, our Firm has organized Public Finance Lectures on behalf of some government agencies as part of efforts to enhance public knowledge on critical issues in our society.

We have also organized periodically Strategy and Team-Bonding Retreats for some government ministries and parastatals to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in their service delivery.

CITC has also engaged in staff audit exercise for some State Governments in order to meaningfully address the issue of ghost workers and promote transparency in government employment system.

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CITC Global Consulting Limited in its bid to contribute its quota to national development has also partnered with some manufacturing companies in the area of capacity building for their staff.

We have organized leadership courses, customer service training and engaged them in some other developmental projects. CITC has equally organized Strategy Retreats for Senior and Management Staff of those companies towards enhancing their managerial and leadership skills as well as enhance their productivity.

Also, as part of efforts to enhance their employees’ performances on the job, we designed and deployed Performance Management System (PMS) to track individual and unit performances.

The PMS encourages rewards of good performance and punishment for poor performance. The PMS has been used for line promotion of some employees towards leadership positions in those organizations.

Our partnership with some of the companies in the manufacturing sector has helped to increase their staff productivity and subsequently increase revenue generated for those companies.

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Our Consultancy has partnered with some companies in the Real Estate Sector in terms of capacity building as part of efforts to enhance their performances towards maintaining the winning edge and leadership positions in their sector.

CITC carried out research activities on the sector and subsequently partnered with some of the companies in the sector by organizing Strategy Retreats for their Senior and Management Staff to enhance their performances.

Also, we organized training on Excellent Customer Services and Personal Effectiveness for some of the companies in the Real Estate Sector to enhance their performance and productivity.

The trainings have not only helped to enhance the performances of companies in this sector, but have also helped to brim searchlight on the activities of the sector in our economy.

The Real Estate sector’s contribution to Nigeria’s national output has increased over time as a result of significant and increased investments in the sector both by local and foreign investors.

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Our Tailored Solutions

At CITC Global Consulting Limited, we don't just consult; we offer tailored solutions that are crafted uniquely for your organization or institution, to achieve your desired goal.

Here are our unique tailored solutions that we offer our clients:

  • Specialized In-plant & Open Trainings
  • Organizational Retreats
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Project Management & Consultancy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Events Planning & Management
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Tax Management & Advisory Services

Working with CITC, organizations can optimize tax pay-outs, achieve efficiency comparable to industry standards and become tax-compliant.

Our measure of effectiveness under this segment will be your Company’s EFFECTIVE TAX RATE defined as Tax paid/Net Profit before tax. This shall be compared to the statutory Tax rate of 30% in the case of company income tax and the applicable rates in other taxes including PAYE, Value Added, and Withholding. Our other duties under this segment shall include but not limited to:

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  • Taxation Planning and Training – We review, on a regular basis, the Nigerian tax laws, best practices in the industry to identify and take advantage of frailties therein for the maximum benefit of our clients. We disseminate information in this regard by organizing regular training for clients’ staff. We also carry out comprehensive tax planning with lessons from these and other programmes for our clients.
  • Determination and settlement of PAYE liabilities and any other tax that may arise from the normal course of your businesses and which impacts on your total tax liability. For example, Value Added Tax, and Withholding Tax
  • Capital allowances and Income tax computation – This will be done annually and targeted at reducing your tax liability to the barest minimum within the provisions of the Nigerian tax laws. We shall be relying on various sections of the Nigerian Tax laws to actualize this objective.
  • Filing of Tax returns with the Federal & State Revenue Services (FIRS & SIRS) – We shall be responsible for the submission of the above computations along with your audited accounts and other necessary documents in a timely fashion.
  • Processing and collection of Tax Clearance certificates (TCCs) – We shall also be responsible for the processing and collection of your TCCs. This will usually be preceded by responses to queries, clarifications and other inquiries from the FIRS/SIRS that may arise from the review of the accounts and other document filed with either of them.
  • Agreement of accounts and the collection of a letter to that effect from the FIRS. The various computations audited accounts, and other documents earlier submitted shall be reviewed and agreed with the FIRS who shall issue a certificate to that effect. In most cases, this certificate forecloses any further review and queries with respect to the submitted account and document for the year of assessment.

Our Core Training Programs

We offer excellent leadership & corporate training programs that are designed to boost the overall efficiency of your organization or institution. They are outlined below:

Transformational Leadership & Change Management

The strongest and most stable companies have strong leaders at every level of their organization. Research carried out by experts found that Organizations that were led always outperformed those that were managed and the concept of leadership holds that “the true test of leadership is change”.

However, it is practically impossible to initiate healthy and lasting change in any Organizational environment without a buy-in from the team. The only visions that take hold are shared visions and a leader can only create them when he listens to his people well, appreciates their hopes and attends to their needs.
Consequently, it is noteworthy to state that the best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them in the present. Hence, phenomenal change is not a one-man affair; it’s a team-affair because every member of the team wants to see his/her fingerprints on the win. That is where Transformational Leadership and Change Management comes in.

  • Increase your influence and effectiveness as a Chief Executive or Team Leader.
  • Sharpen your leadership edge to bring you to par with universal leadership principles.
  • Help you create an on-going leadership management and change process.
  • Link your leadership management process to marketing strategies to achieve core business results.
  • Highlight the concept, challenges, and benefits of leadership and change.
  • Help Position you and your Organization for Global Change.
Participants Will Learn:
  • How to lead a Transformation
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • The different stages of Organizational Change
  • Preparing for The Human response to Change
  • Attributes of an Innovative Organization
  • The secrets of Transformational Leadership
  • Total System Drive
For Whom:
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s)
  • Directors
  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Senior Management Executives.
  • Team Heads and Group Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners
  • The Power of Vision
  • The Leadership Quadrant
  • Turning Strategy into Action – From Strategy to Goal
  • Leading an effective Transformation
  • Dealing with Change Barriers
  • Moving Forward
  • Case studies

This course will be interactive and will utilize a combination of (a) taught classes (b) question and answer sessions (c) group discussions (d) individual exercises and (e) relevant visual aids


Four (4) days

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Leadership In Business

Entrepreneurial experts discovered that 90% of private businesses die within the first 5 years of their existence. Also, 99% die within 10 years; the next 9% largely due to the failure in the health of the owner. Effective leaders know when they need more hands in their businesses. Their ability to hire the right talent to meet the rising demands of their business moves the business and themselves to a whole new growth level.

However, John Maxwell (leadership guru) states that a person’s leadership ability places a lid on his level of effectiveness hence, businesses grow as their leaders grow. He states further that a person can only successfully lead those lower than his leadership level. Hence a leader cannot attract great talent if he is not great himself and this limits the effectiveness, quality and growth of the business.

Before becoming the success we aspire to be in our businesses, we must learn what brings meaning and purpose to our lives. Regardless of how much turnover our businesses generate, our leadership will be spotty and incoherent, unless it’s rooted in values. As Jeremie Kubicek, CEO of GiANT Impact put it, “I have always believed that the most important role of a leader in business is to liberate their employees and those they reach to increase their capacity to influence positively,” “When you help people grow, it is amazing what their organizations can do.”

  • Understand the purpose of leadership in business
  • Discover the principles and values that guide lasting success in business.
  • Link your leadership management process to strategies that help achieve core business results.
  • Help Position you and your Organization for Global Impact.
Participants Will Learn:
  • The concept of true Leadership.
  • The Role of a leader in business
  • Critical Success Factors for leaders in business
  • The process of building a business
  • Analyzing today’s employee needs
  • Case studies of Global business leaders and more.
For Whom:
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s)
  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Senior Management Executives.
  • Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners.
  • The concept of True Leadership
  • Principles and traits of an effective Leader
  • The Power of security
  • Developing leaders for multiplied growth

This course will be interactive and will utilize a combination of (a) taught classes (b) question and answer sessions (c) group discussions (d) individual exercises and (e) relevant visual aids

This program uses a variety of training methods. They include PowerPoint presentations with pictorial representations, case studies, illustrative examples and participative forums to help you quickly grasp and internalize new knowledge.


Four (4) days

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Pre-Retirement Training: Empowerment, Employability & Entrepreneurship

This is a program on how every worker approaching retirement age must plan so as not to confront sobering economic problems in twilight years. The course shows that retiring from employment needs not become a calamity.

While the desire for a comfortable retirement is universal, an individual’s retirement planning will need to be personalized and with the world’s population of retired people set to increase three-fold to over 1.5 billion by 2050, it is important that the lessons learnt by today’s retirees are passed on to today’s retirement savers.

This course is therefore designed for participants to examine the views and experience of current retirees and explore the kind of retirement realities facing future generations, and more importantly, what the next generation can do differently to prepare for that retirement.

  • Acquire new attitudes and behaviors that will be necessary for the transition period
  • Develop a proven planning process for retirement
  • Understand the issues related to adaptability
  • Understand how the economy often affects retirement life uncontrollably
  • Be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to start a business
  • Identify tips to stay healthy as age advances
  • Recognize entrepreneurial competencies and their link to success in the new social setting
Participants Will Learn:
  • Coping with the Psychology of Retirement
  • Available businesses in Nigeria
  • Planning a new business/job/vocation
  • Practical steps to a better retirement
  • Theme of Retirement
  • Retirement Aspiration and Reality
  • Financial Planning Options
  • Managing Health and Wellbeing in retirement
  • Lifestyle matters – Experience sharing of a retiree
  • Marketing and Business Development strategies
  • Action plan for managing stress in retirement

This course will be delivered through a variety of case studies, team sessions, illustrative examples, and participative forums. The approach applied here is practical and not intended for information only but the transformation of team leaders and their teams.


Four (4) days

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Enhancing PowerPoint Skills For Effective Pitch

Today, many large corporations and arms of government use PowerPoint as a way to brief employees on important issues that they must make decisions on. PowerPoint presentations are used in modern day learning, corporate training sessions, business and marketing meetings, and sales gatherings.

Top executives and managers of winning Organizations are aware of the risks of not communicating clearly during creative sessions or trainings. They use PowerPoint as a visual aid to enhance practicality, interaction, better decision-making ability, and lasting impact. The results most often affect and improve customer satisfaction and stakeholder’s shares.

However, the use of PowerPoint can be used to cripple rather than enhance a presentation if it is not well utilized. The objective of a presentation should be to convey ideas and support a speaker’s remarks in a concise manner to serve as a memory jog and not just a prop. In simple terms, it’s an ideas campaign and the secret behind a successful presentation outside of passion or content is making sure each slide reinforces the one key point for a given section of a presentation.

  • Highlight the history, operations, and benefits of the PowerPoint application.
  • Expose participants to the many creative, pictorial and diverse ways of effective PowerPoint use
  • Link effective PowerPoint presentations to marketing strategies to achieve core business results
  • Create an on-going learning mechanism within your organization
  • Enhance your service quality and delivery amongst competitors and in your industry
Participants Will Learn:
  • How best to use the PowerPoint application
  • The attributes of an effective presentation
  • Communicate ideas professionally using visual aids
  • What presentation style is most suitable for an audience
  • How to make a convincing sales presentation
For Whom:
  • Sales representatives and Brand Managers
  • Corporate Communications Executives
  • Marketing Managers and Advertising Managers
  • Personal Assistants to CEOs
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Public Relations Assistants/Officers
  • Business Development Executives
  • Administrative Secretaries
  • Top executives and Senior Supervisors
  • Operations Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Layout and Typography
  • Colour and Imagery
  • Animation and Transition
  • Data Representation
  • Publishing and Presenting
  • Case Studies of presentations and more

This course will be interactive and will utilize a combination of (a) case studies (b) question and answer sessions (c) group discussions (d) highly practical exercises and (e) relevant tools and visual aids.


Four (4) days

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Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals possesses cumulative working experience spanning a 70-year period and we work with clients closely and thoroughly in helping to position them optimally as forward-looking Organizations. We have consulted and partnered with various organizations both in the public and private sectors of our economy.

Olutayo Orekoya

FCA, Managing Consultant

Tayo Orekoya, is Managing Consultant, CITC Global Consulting Ltd. Chartered Accountant, erstwhile Banker, Public-Private-Partnership Specialist, he is an Organizational Development Consultant.

Abimbola Anike Orekoya

Group Executive Director

Abimbola Anike Orekoya is the Group Executive Director of CITC Group, incorporating CITC Global Consulting Ltd, CITC Leadership Centre, PLC Communications Ltd, and Swiftcred Nigeria Company Ltd. She is a motivated and results-driven professional who holds a strong emphasis on hard work, meeting challenges and influencing people positively.

Lekan Adekoya

Senior Consultant

Lekan Adekoya holds a B.SC (Hons.) Degree in Economics from University of Ibadan, Ibadan (1999) and a Masters Degree in Finance from University of Lagos, Akoka.

Oreoluwa Orekoya

Senior Consultant

Oreoluwa is a consultant in the firm. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the prestigious Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. Also, she holds a Master’s degree with Merit in Management from the University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Mayowa Adeyina

Senior Consultant

Mayowa is a seasoned accountant with proficiency in modern accounting techniques, bringing a first-class approach to solving problems, accomplishing great goals with excellent results.

Philip Braide

Associate Consultant

Philip is a graduate of English Language, and an enthusiastic team-builder with vast experience spanning over two decades in varied fields such as Human Capacity Development, Communications Skills / Relationship Management, Programs Co-ordination, Creative writing and Research.

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