The CITC Leadership Centre seeks to transform the national and business industry by developing a powerful network of thousands of leaders in a 5-year period who will work together to address Sub-Saharan Africa’s greatest challenges – achieving extraordinary socio-economic impact and accelerate the continent’s growth trajectory in people, business and national development.

These challenges will be solved by the Centre using a combination of Events, Experts, Executive Education, Internships and Content to provide expertise in powerful periods of total immersion with the Centre supporting the transformation in leadership capacity and capability required to meet the objectives of the Centre. Build Innovators!

The Centre’s endeavor is seismic but simple: improving leadership and governance through the development of great, evidence-based leadership competencies. This won’t happen by accident. The Centre is here to help leaders across the entire business and economic sectors equip themselves to lead; to have the confidence when needed to relinquish power and unlock it in others; to have the knowledge to help shape new ways of working and to have behaviors that engage; empower and excite people and communities.