Organizational Retreats

CITC Global Consulting Limited organizes with finesse Retreats on Visioning, Strategy, Team Bonding and Acculturization for various organizations both in the private and public sectors of our economy.

The objectives of the Retreats are to enable management, decision makers and key staff of organizations to come together in a serene environment and brainstorm on salient issues within their organizations, plans to achieve their corporate goals and improve on organizational performance and productivity.

There is a unique opportunity for organizations to review their activities and channel a new a course by stimulating competency and trust while recognizing the movement of the workforce from involvement to empowerment.

The Retreat also creates a platform for team work to be emphasized in organizations, with the view to promoting team spirit among employees. Several deliverable patterns are used to draw analogies on team bonding exercises during the Retreat programme.

Transformational Action Plan is usually drawn to articulate strategic options agreed upon and realistic methods of achieving the goals, in order to ensure effectiveness of the Retreat outcome.

Seminars and Conferences

CITC Global Consulting Limited has a niche in the organization of Seminars and Conferences for companies and institutions of government. These include Public Finance Lectures, Summits and Symposia.

The objectives of the Seminars and Conferences include the creation of a platform where stakeholders in various sectors of our economy come together to discuss germane issues in the society with the view to finding a way forward.

Similarly, we organize Summits on topical issues involving various sectors such as Agriculture, Transportation, Finance, Manufacturing among others. The Summit provides veritable platform for experts and stakeholders to address the salient issues in these sectors, with the view to channel a new course towards the growth and development of such sectors.

Events Planning & Management

Our event planning business is design and production driven with focus on the ultimate guest-experience. We create stunning Conference, Events and Meetings for Corporate and carefully select Individual clients.

We are fully aware that corporate events are a driving force for a client’s marketing, sales and communications strategy, so we start by having a clear understanding of your objectives in order to agree on the brief.

This is processed with our creative team (and we collaborate with industry players frequently) and experience.

We always aim to keep in mind the most important priorities that you may have, and design a tailor-made program just for you. Our unique strength -“Perfection”

    • Corporate Events

    • Theme Event Conception and Scripting
    • Budget Management
    • Venue Sourcing and Contract Negotiation
    • Environmental Design and Construction
    • Tradeshow and Exhibition Production
    • Specialty Entertainment and Celebrity Bookings
    • Event Design and Technical Production
    • Production and Labor Management
    • Media Design and Production
    • Executive Presentation Support
    • Web and Internet Communications Satellite Broadcasting
    • Video Production and Distribution
    • Incentive Travel and Destination Management
  • Social Events
    • Design and Develop
    • Event Concept
    • Budgeting and Consultation Venue
    • Sourcing and Contract Negotiation
    • Caterer Selection and Menu Development
    • Custom Invitation Design
    • Specialty Entertainment and Celebrity Bookings
    • Theme Events and Special Programs
    • Event Design and Production
    • Lighting and A/V Custom Video
    • Production and Photography
    • On Site Event Management

Tax Management & Advisory Services

Working with CITC, organizations can optimize tax pay-outs, achieve efficiency comparable to industry standards and become tax-compliant.

Our measure of effectiveness under this segment will be your Company’s EFFECTIVE TAX RATE defined as Tax paid/Net Profit before tax. This shall be compared to the statutory Tax rate of 30% in the case of company income tax and the applicable rates in other taxes including PAYE, Value Added, and Withholding. Our other duties under this segment shall include but not limited to:

  • Taxation Planning and Training – We review, on a regular basis, the Nigerian tax laws, best practices in the industry to identify and take advantage of frailties therein for the maximum benefit of our clients. We disseminate information in this regard by organising regular training for clients’ staff. We also carry out comprehensive tax planning with lessons from these and other programmes for our clients.
  • Determination and settlement of PAYE liabilities and any other tax that may arise from the normal course of your businesses and which impacts on your total tax liability. For example Value Added Tax, and Withholding Tax.
  • Capital allowances and Income tax computation – This will be done annually and targeted at reducing your tax liability to the barest minimum within the provisions of the Nigerian tax laws. We shall be relying on various sections of the Nigerian Tax laws to actualize this objective.
  • Filing of Tax returns with the Federal & State Revenue Services (FIRS & SIRS) – We shall be responsible for the submission of the above computations along with your audited accounts and other necessary document in a timely fashion.
  • Processing and collection of Tax Clearance certificates (TCCs) – We shall also be responsible for the processing and collection of your TCCs. This will usually be preceded by responses to queries, clarifications and other enquiries from the FIRS/SIRS that may arise from the review of the accounts and other document filed with either of them.

CITC delivers results that matter - sustained impact for you, your team, your business and the world.